Date(s) - 10/27/2019
12:00 pm - 3:00 pm

Muse Comics + Games


Brand new to D&D? Or, if you’ve played D&D before, are you brand new to the D&D Adventurers League (DDAL)? We have a special adventure table set aside just for you!

Sundays at noon, join us and learn to play D&D! DMs will help you create your character or you can bring your own official DDAL character! If you want to create a new character, please arrive by 11:30am.

(You can play at the new player table for six weeks, so if you’ve played once or twice before, don’t worry.)

Please register with your full name. If you’re reserving a space for more than one person, please reserve more than one space and add the other names in the comments. If you are registering a child or someone who can’t register themselves, please use their name in the main field so that they are added to the player list. Thank you!

(Please don’t write notes to us in the comments section other than the names of additional players. If you have questions, need to cancel a reservation or need any other help, please email or call us.)

D&D Adventure League resources can be found at:
(DDAL recently had some rules changes about leveling, though, so some of those resources may need to be updated. Ask your DM for more details!)

Fine print:

Please only reserve a spot if you are sure you are able to play. Space is limited and no-shows will result in a cancellation of your future reservations. Muse Comics + Games is a family-friendly store; please keep your game play appropriate for the environment! Kids are always welcome to play if they’re old enough to sit through a 4-hour game and stay engaged in the game-play. Players, don’t bring your younger children or kids who don’t have a spot reserved at the table, however. Walk-ins aren’t available for our DDAL tables; please only come in to play on days you have a reservation. 

It is possible that a DDAL game can be canceled due to a DM being suddenly unavailable or other issues at the store, so a reservation is not a guarantee of a game that day. We will do our best to contact everyone on the reserved list as soon as we are notified of any cancellations, so please reserve with an email address and phone number that will reach you directly.



This event is fully booked.