New player table – OPEN

Brand new to D&D? Or, if you’ve played D&D before, are you brand new to the D&D Adventurers League? We have a special adventure table set aside just for you!

Sundays at noon, join us and learn to play D&D! DMs will help you create your character or you can use a pre-built character just to try it out! (You can play at the new player table for six weeks, so if you’ve played once or twice before, don’t worry.)

This adventure is free to new players! Space is limited each week so reserve your spot at the table:

D&D Adventurers League on Sundays – REGULAR DDAL TABLES

Reserve your spot at a table:

We’re starting to get regular DDAL tables going again! We’ll be adding them to our online registration page as they become available.

Regular DDAL tables will have a $5 entry for players 18 and older. That $5 will go on your store credit file and you can spend it on anything in-store. It doesn’t expire! You’ll need to pay the $5 entry before the game starts but you can spend the credit any time.

Players under 18 don’t need to pay an entry fee, but they will still need to reserve their spot!