We’re hosting five separate regular prerelease events and one 2HG event!

Regular prerelease events:
Friday, July 6th at MIDNIGHT (actually July 7th at 12:01am)
Saturday,  July 7th at 1:00pm
Saturday,  July 7th at 6:30pm
Sunday, July 8th at 1:00pm
Sunday, July 8th at 6:30pm

What does it cost to play?

Register for one event: $25
Register for all five events: $100

2-Headed Giant

We’re also hosting a 2-Headed Giant tournament on Sunday, July 8th at 3pm!

What does the 2-Headed Giant tournament cost?

Entry fee is $50 per team. The 2-Headed Giant tournament does not count toward the play-5 discount.)

If you miss an event, we’ll hold your product for you!  You must prepay to pre-register. Pre-registration ends if the tournament fills up or by 7/6/18.

What do I get?

Your prerelease kit will contain 6 booster packs, a randomized prerelease foil promo card, a deckbuilding booklet and a spindown life counter! 2-Headed Giant teams will get one kit for each team member.

What are the prizes?

Prizes are distributed in a CASUAL PLAY style based on your number of wins. The prize pool is determined by the number of players in each event. A sample prize structure could look like this:

4-round tournament, 50-minute rounds:

4 wins gets 10 booster packs of Dominaria
3 wins gets 4 packs
2 wins gets 1 pack
1 win gets 1 pack