New player table – OPEN

Brand new to D&D? Or, if you’ve played D&D before, are you brand new to the D&D Adventurers League? We have a special adventure table set aside just for you!

Sundays at noon, join us and learn to play D&D! DMs will help you create your character or you can use a pre-built character just to try it out!

This adventure is free to new players! Space is limited each week so call us to reserve your free spot! 719-573-7096

D&D Adventurers League on Sundays – regular tables are full for now

Right now, we have many, many more customers than we can accommodate for D&D on Sundays. We’re looking at a new way to handle reservations and we want to open up a few tables on tables on Saturdays, too.

While we work on those details in the next few weeks, we won’t have any open-registration for regular D&D tables on Sundays. Players who were part of the dedicated games at John Sherman’s and Jeff Meyer’s tables will continue their storylines.

As soon as we get a better system in place for open registration for Sundays and Saturdays, we’ll post it and begin inviting sign-ups again!